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1Integrated design

The motor, electric control and drive system is integrated, more reasonable volume, lighter weight, advanced technology to create IP67 waterproof, and the power density is superior to the other products in same level

2Automotive grade R&D, leading intelligent industry

The powertrain "Dilu" is with 100% independent intellectual property rights. Keren lab independently research and develop the motherboard, software corealgorithm, and calibration.

Powering the electric motorcycle based on automobile grade standards

3Automotive grade power enjoyment

A powerful powertrain is set in the center to keep the vehicle balance. The range is over 160km. And it can climb 12° for 28km continuously without controller heating.

Three-in-one Powertrain named with "DiLu"


  • Self-developed powertrain "Dilu" integrating the motor, controller and drive system

    "DiLu" is a powertrain system totally self-developed by Taiyun Group, which is with peak power of 6KW and  max speed of 78KPH.

    Structuring the motor, controller and transmission into one piece, "DiLu" has excellent features with higher integration level, smaller size but more power output.

    It is first applied to the electric motorbikes with a new energy vehicle solution.

  • Automotive-grade permanent magnet synchronous motor

    It has been quite widely implemented in the automobile area with the permanent magnet synchronous motor. Permanent magnet synchronous motors can achieve from 93 to 98 percent energy efficiency, when in-wheel motors performs between 80 to 85 percent.

    Overall, "DiLu" is ripe for features and safety with a more simple structure, smaller size, higher efficiency and lower failure rate.

  • Mid-placement scheme

    "DiLu" is more appropriate for high speed electric motorcycles with a middle-set motor solution. The middle-set motor is well balanced both front and rear parts without affecting dampening. Also, it makes the whole vehicle very neat. According to our experiments and practices, it has better handling performance and stability than that the one with in-wheel motor.

  • Two-stage deceleration assistance, stress-free climbing on large slopes

    Transmission of "Dilu" took "two-step-dampening" design in order to meet the requirements of climbing and accelerating rugged areas. With a reduction ratio up to 6.38,the wheel end torque can reach 160NM.

  • Industry-leading electronic control technology

    It is the first time to apply vector control technology for two-wheeler vehicles, as the electric controller of “Dilu” powertrain refers to the automobile standards in both software and hardware designing. By using the DSP chip from TI, which is a global top and leading semiconductor company and world-wide applied in electric controllers.

    To investigate the feasibility and safety of “Dilu”, our R&D team has strictly tested for more than six months including power performance, pressurization test, extreme temperature challenge, 400 hours of endurance test, vibration, EMC test, riding continuosly for 10,000KM...

    Making two-wheeler vehicles that ride with power, safety and stability, “Dilu” is referring to automobile for control algorithm with vector control, flux-weakening control, MTPA, MTPV and ASC.




Self-developed powertrain "Feidian" integrating the motor, controller and torque sensor

14 Years of Research and Development


Integrated aluminum alloy frame

Aerospace graded integrated aluminum alloy frame offers you a light and fast riding experience. The frame weights only 3.9kg, light but sturdy. Keren is always on the path of innovation.


Integrated aluminium alloy frame

Front single support rocker arm

Central-set rear shock absorber

Integrated aluminium alloy frame

Has passed more than 400,000 times of vibration testing

Front single support rocker arm

Front single support rocker arm

High-end technology, stylish appearance

Central-set rear shock absorber

Central-set rear shock absorber

Automotive professional shock absorption, not afraid of bumps, comfortable and safe.

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