China Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle

Discover a new era of riding with a pedal-assist e-bike—a seamless blend of traditional pedals and cutting-edge technology. This innovative bike enhances your journey by intelligently combining human power with electric assistance.

Sensing your pedaling and seamlessly complementing it with electric assist turns your ride into a smooth, enjoyable experience. Whether you're commuting, exploring trails, or cruising around your neighborhood, a pedal-assist e-bike adapts to your pace, providing an extra boost when needed. Say goodbye to tough uphill climbs and embrace the joy of riding with ease. It's your silent companion, making every ride easy and environmentally friendly.

Join the green commuting revolution with a pedal-assist e-bike—a marriage of tradition and technology for an enjoyable journey.

China Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle

Step into the future of eco-friendly commuting with the China Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle, a revolutionary blend of traditional cycling and cutting-edge electric technology. Keren Electric Technologies (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., a trailblazer in the electric two-wheeler industry for over 25 years, proudly introduces a sustainable solution that marries the joy of pedaling with the ease of electric assistance.

Our Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle is a testament to our commitment to green transportation. Crafted by a team of 200 skilled engineers and designers, many of whom bring expertise from esteemed companies like Geely, SAIC, and Peugeot, this bicycle is not merely a mode of transport; it's a statement of environmental consciousness and modern convenience.

With a robust manufacturing setup covering 30,000 square meters and over 700 dedicated employees, our factory is geared towards producing Pedal Assist Electric Bicycles that embody quality and reliability. The intuitive pedal-assist technology seamlessly integrates with your pedaling, providing a natural and efficient ride. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our adherence to ISO9001, CE certification, and EEC certification standards.

Join us as we pedal towards a greener future, where the China Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle becomes the symbol of sustainable and enjoyable urban mobility, courtesy of Keren Electric Technologies.

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